Providing a safe, structured environment for mental health professionals to
discuss their cases and personal development needs

What is Supervision?

Psychiatric Supervision is an important service provided by Harley Street Mental Health.

We can help provide mental health professionals with the support they need in order to advance their careers and develop their portfolios. We aim to provide a safe, structured environment for psychologists to discuss their personal development needs.

The sessions will be tailored to the individuals particular needs, providing guidance and advice as well as support.

Supervision can help mental health professionals gain confidence and improve their clinical practice. We aim to help individuals develop a deeper understanding of psychological processes and how best to treat their patients.

Supervision is beneficial for both the mental health professional and the patient, ensuring best standards of care and well-being.

How do we conduct

Supervision sessions can either be conducted virtually using our state of the art video conferencing software called Semble, or in person at our consulting rooms on 10 Harley Street.

Prior to booking an appointment, we advise individuals to contact the clinic to discuss further so that we can tailor the session to your individual needs.

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©Copyright Harley Mental Health LTD | All Rights Reserved.

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