Comprehensive Medico-Legal Reports by experienced clinicians

What are Expert Witness and
Medico-Legal Reports?

Medico-Legal reports are documents that provide an independent and evidence-based opinion on an individual's physical, psychological or psychiatric condition. Our Harley Street Psychiatrists are able to prepare a wide range of reports for solicitors, barristers, courts and tribunal services on behalf of claimants and defendants. We understand the need for reports to be conducted in a timely manner and will work with you to ensure that your deadlines are met.

Fees and timescales for reports

Due to the varying nature of medico-legal reports, we are unable to provide a fixed cost for our reporting service.

You can start the process by simply calling us, or contacting us using the below form. One of our clinicians will then contact you to gather the relevant information and timescales required to calculate the costs for the report.

We are aware that many reports require immediate attention, and therefore we will only provide a quote if we are able to meet your deadline

We will always give a fixed delivery date for your report

What types of reports can we prepare?

We can provide medico-legal expert witness reports on neuropsychological health, diagnostic clarity, causation, condition and prognosis.

Our psychiatrists write reports for all types of legal proceedings and courts of law, including Magistrates’ and Crown Courts, Court of Appeal, Court of Protection, Family Courts, the Parole Board, Civil Proceedings and Employment Tribunals.

Reports for civil proceedings, courts of protection
and family law courts:

  • Testamentary capacity
  • Mental capacity
  • Family and child protection matters
  • Mental Health Act
  • Clinical negligence
  • Fitness to practice
  • Treatment focussed assessments
  • Assessment of brain injury
  • Personal injury claims

Reports for criminal courts

  • Fitness to plead and stand trial
  • Diminished responsibility
  • Pre-sentencing reports
  • Hospital orders
  • Parole board assessments
  • Second opinion reports
  • Structured risk assessments
  • Driving offence reports
  • Psychiatric defences
  • Mitigation
  • Loss of control
  • Automatism
  • Fitness for police interview
  • Sex offending reports
  • Fire setting reports
  • Risk assessment and Dangerousness
  • Community sentences reports
  • Treatment requirement
  • Section 35 Admission to hospital report
  • Section 36 Remand to hospital
  • Section 37 Hospital Order
  • Section 38 Interim Hospital Order
  • Section 41 Restriction Order
  • Section 5(2) Criminal Procedure (Insanity) Act
  • Hybrid Orders Section 45(A)
  • Absolute / Conditional Discharge
  • Psychiatric report for the Parole Board
  • Asylum / refugee psychiatric reports

What is the process for Medico-Legal Assessments

Due to the varying nature of Medico-Legal Assessments, we ask that individuals first contact us either using the form below or emailing where we can discuss your individual needs and advise on the most appropriate assessment.

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