Our compassionate and professional clinicians can provide a comprehensive capacity assessment

What is a Capacity Assessment?

Capacity assessments are an important part of understanding and managing an individuals mental health.

These assessments measure an individuals ability to understand, weigh, retain and communicate information relating to a specific decision. This assessment will be conducted by one of our experienced and professional mental health clinicians, and is based on observations, questioning and clinical tests.

The Capacity assessment conducted will determine the mental capacity of a patient at the time of assessment for a specific decision, and will help aid future decisions in their care and treatment.

We can also review previous capacity assessments and provide a view from historical information whether someone was deemed to have capacity in the past.

The assessment will also be able to identify any areas of the patient’s life where intervention may be necessary, and to establish any appropriate safeguarding measures.

How do we conduct Capacity Assessments?

Capacity assessments are always specific to a specific question or decision that needs to be made.
The assessment will determine an individuals ability to understand, weigh, retain and communicate information required to make a specific decision.
The assessment will involve a range of activities including cognitive tests, memory tests, reasoning tests and problem solving. The clinician will also observe an individuals behaviour, and may need to speak to family members, carers and other professionals.
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What is the process for our Capacity Assessments?

At Harley Street Mental Health we pride ourselves on listening to our service users experiences and creating treatment plans base on their needs.

Our Capacity Assessments are conducted by one of our expert clinicians and the duration can vary dependent on the nature of the capacity assessment

Unlike most services, we aim to get our reports sent out within 48 hours.

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